10 reasons to watch the 2015 NBA Finals

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1) Why not ?

2) For once, it’s not LA, San Antonio, Miami, Chicago, or Boston which win the NBA tittle, but the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers

3) Stephen Curry and LeBron James born in Akron, Ohio (in the same maternity by the way), so which local lad will be NBA champion in June ?

4) Michael Jordan retired and DeAndre Jordan is on holidays, but the show must go on (and should be awesome)

5) David Lee is the single good shape-All-Star Game player in NBA unused by his coach Steve Kerr

6) That’s the opposition between Silicon Valley & Rust Belt

7) Beyoncé should attend a game during the NBA Finals. The question is which « jersey » she will use (Derrick Rose’s jersey or another) ?

8) With the jet lag, you can also watch the end of Roland-Garros‘s tournament

9) 2014 FIFA World Cup is over

10) James Harden and Anthony Davis will shave their beard and unibrow if the Wilt Chamberlain 100 points record in a game is beaten by Kevin Love

11) For the first time in NBA history, 2 rookies coaches face in NBA Finals (David Blatt & Steve Kerr)